Supplier Services

Are you looking to start offering finance to your customers as a payment option?

Leasing Programmes has over 25 years experience in arranging finance facilities to suit our customer requirements.

Offering leasing, loans, hire purchase, factoring and contract hire arrangements.

We provide your customer with the necessary finance to buy your equipment allowing you to concentrate on the selling process.  We work alongside a group of lenders who assist in providing the right package, whether they are a new start business, a school or independent college right through to local authority and large corporations.




By offering Finance you will

How will your customers benefit?


  • Tax Efficient - Leasing rentals are generally tax deductible in full as operating expenses
  • No Capital Outlay - Often no deposits are required
  • Upgrade Options - Upgrades can be arranged at anytime so you are able to keep up with the changes in technology and equipment. 
  • Improve Cash Flow - Spread the cost

Hire Purchase

  • The borrower can use capital allowances to reduce future tax liabilities on the purchase price
  • Any deposits agreed at the outset can help reduce the amount of interest paid
  • If the customer maintains the repayments the facility is fixed and cannot be withdrawn