About Us

Leasing Programmes lends money to businesses looking to acquire equipment.  We offer are leasing, hire purchase and loan facilities.
We can also arrange factoring and invoice discounting. As an added benefit we can source vehicles at fleet rates and arrange
any necessary finance on the vehicle purchase.

The family run business was established in 1991. With sales managers located in the South West, all of whom are able to offer
expert advice.

We work closely with equipment suppliers who look to offer financial solutions to customers wanting to buy equipment.  For many customers we use our own book, being an independent lender in our own right.  However, for more bespoke requirements we work with a number of lenders who are able to provide the right package.

Have a look at our Glossary to find out some of the terminology linked to finance.

What We Can offer

Hire Purchase

The borrower agrees to pay a deposit together with the full VAT on the purchase price along with a set number of payments for a fixed period.  VAT is not added to the repayments. At the end of the term the borrower pays an agreed fee to buy title.

Finance Lease

The lessee agrees to hire the equipment for an agreed period and at the end of the term is given the option to continue leasing, upgrade or to return the equipment.  VAT is added to each rental.

Commercial Loan

In certain circumstances it is appropriate to finance purchases using a commercial loan.  The lender advances a sum of money to the borrower and the borrower chooses how to spend it.  At the end of the repayment period the borrower will have discharged their debt assuming that they have made all payments on time.

Operating Lease

The lessee agrees to hire the equipment for a minimum period and at the end of the agreed term has the option to continue renting the equipment until it is no longer of use.  VAT is added to each rental.  The equipment is never owned by the customer.