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Jargon Buster

We appreciate there is a lot of new terminology to understand, and your account manager will give you as much help as they can, however we have provided this brief online guidance to provide additional support.

Hover over any of the words and a brief description will pop up explaining a little more detail about that particular term.

Bust through the jargon and we can talk the same language…

Work with us to grow your business, call Leasing Programmes on 01823 663737

Writing Down Allowances Account Manager Assignee Advance Rentals  APR Assets Assignor Back to Back Lease Capital Allowances Certificate of Acceptance Consumer Credit Act 1974 Credit Line  Coterminous Fixed Term Rental  Full Payout Lease Guarantee Hire Purchase Indemnity Initial Period  Lease Lessee Lessor Minimum Period Operating Lease Rental Upgrade